Compact Reading Glasses

Wherever you go


Compact Reading Glasses

World’ smallest reading glasses
just the size of a credit card

Super Compact and Light. Credit Card Size Reading Glasses

No need for Bifocals
no need to remove glasses or sunglasses

SLIMLENS is available in 4 DIOPTERS.sellos-01

Get the SLIMLENS that’s right for YOU!


Mini Reading Glasses

Perfect size

 Easily fits in your pocket, purse, wallet or attach it to your phone!

Thin Reading Glasses


World’ Smallest Reading Glasses. Super COMPACT and LIGHT. Credit Card Size.

Adjustable Reading Glasses


SLIMLENS can be spread or contracted for a comfortable and secure fit on your nose

Reading Glasses Unisex


for both, men and women. No need for Bifocals, no need to remove glasses or sunglasses.

So thin , small and lightweight
you can put them almost anywhere!

Reading Glasses in your waller
Reading Glasses in your pocket
Reading Glasses in your phone
Reading Glasses in your book
Reading Glasses in your tablet
Reading Glasses in dashboard
reading glasses in your purse
Reading Glasses in mirror
SLIMLENS Mini Spectacles Reading Glasses

What Our Customers are Saying

These little reading glasses are not only unique, they are the perfect solution for reading the tiny print on food items when I go grocery shopping every week. SLIMLENS fit perfectly in my pocket and I even have one in my purse. I would recommend these to anyone who is needing to read ingredients of food items such as carbs , sodium, etc. The quality is remarkable with no distortion whatsoever. I bought 4 pairs and gave one to a friend and we both love them; they are very comfortable and handy. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Mary Wallace. Birmingham (UK)

My Harley and me love SLIMLENS. This compact reading glasses are the perfect solution for +45 bikers like me that need to read the GPS on the phone and we can’t without a reading assistant. Before I bought my SLIMLENS I had someone read for me, or had to take out my helmet and get my classic reading glasses. Now, without taking my helmet nor my sunglasses I can use my SLIMLENS and … READ!!! I’ve just bought m a pack of 4 to keep them around (attached to my phone case, another is in my leather jacket, and 2 at home). Thanks Slimlens. Good one.

FEKA Biker. New Jersey

There small and fit perfect in to your credit card slip of men/ women wallet. You don’t have to carry an extra bulky glasses case. They also don’t get thrown in bottom of purse and get smashed or broke. Best back-up plan for when you forget your glasses. Fits men and women almost all. Great for couples that use same strength glasses, cause you can share. The price is out of this world great. I have spent hundreds on a spare pair of glasses I loose. At $14.99 the price can not be beat. Retail stores carry chinese back up glasses for $ $20 each and are never right for me. For only $4.99 more you can get a compact hard plastic case that you can add velcro to the back to place any were you wish like, phone case, car visor, glove box, center console, work binder. For those of use that misplace our glasses at work, and need them for paper work. SLIMLENS are 100% made in the USA.

David Henderson. New York, USA

Need a bit of help seeing up close up (reading maps, GPS, iPhone, etc.) but your vision past your arm reach is still good? SLIMLENS are “the Solution”!. This tiny reading glasses that fit over the bridge of the nose. I would not recommend them for extended book reading as a regular pair of reading glasses would be more comfortable, but for short tasks, they are perfect. Just 4 grams per pair at $15 per unit. Shipped with a soft case that is 2gms. These will be a must carry item for me on all rides.

Edward L.

+ What Our Customers are Saying

Reading Glasses

Wherever You Go, SLIMLENS Reading Glasses

SLIMLENS fits in your Pocket, Wallet, Purse, Smart Phone, Tablet, Cabinet or Car dashboard, so there is no need to carry reading glasses. Ever again

Reading Glasses

Never needing to carry reading glasses

Reading a menu, a telephone directory, map, chart or a book

These ultralight reading glasses are adjustable to fit virtually anybody that can use nose-pinch lenses

Reading Glasses

World’ smallest reading glasses

SLIMLENS fits in your Pocket, Wallet, Purse, Smart Phone, Tablet, Cabinet or Car dashboard, so there is no need to carry reading glasses. Ever again.

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