frequently asked questions


Are slimlens comfortable?

slimlens are very comfortable. They perfectly fit on the nose, putting only a gentle pressure on its sides, and as they are so light (just 0.12 ounces or 5 grs) you forget you are wearing them.

What material are slimlens made from?

slimlens are high quality reading glasses completely designed and made in the USA. We manufacture slimlens under the higher industry standards and the main material we use is high-grade polymer.

How Good are slimlens optics?

slimlens use the same technology used by opticians on their prescription glasses. The lenses are made using the highest stainless steel molds, allowing us to keep very high optical precision during manufacturing. slimlens are adjustable and Shatterproof, You can hit them with a sledge hammer and they will not break! And they come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

How Do I choose my strength (diopter value)?

The strength of slimlens reading glasses is expressed in diopter values. Need help determining which optical strength is right for you? Click here to print “Test your Vision” Template. slimlens reading glasses comes in four different optical strength options: +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00. You should choose the option that most closely matches your needs. However, since reading glasses are optimized for short-distance reading usage, you will automatically adjust the reading distance between your eyes and the object you are reading.

Can I have two different diopter values in one pair of slimlens?

slimlens does not offer different Diopters (or Strengths) in one single reading glasses. The diopter can only be the same for both eyes. We offer +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0 corrections.

HOW do slimlens reading glasses fit on my nose?

slimlens are specially designed to fit on nearly any nose. You can use them on the lower part of your nose or on the upper (bonny) part of your nose. The unique patented designed of the bridge connecting the two lenses can be spread or contracted for a comfortable and secure fit on your nose. If the lenses are too tight on your nose, increase the opening between the lenses by moving the lenses outward. If the lenses are too loose on your nose, decrease the opening by moving the lenses inward (overlapping them).


Do I need to register my slimlens?

Yes, if you want to get the benefit of our LIFETIME GUARANTEE with FREE slimlens REPLACEMENTS for Life! And, we strongly suggest to register it to get special promotions on new products and discounts

How strong are the slimlens?

They are extremely strong, you can hit the with a sledge hammer and they will not break! We routinely flex test the bridge over 5,000 cycles without failure.
We also test the pulling strength on the bridge: we hang one lens and we pull the other with a force of 12 Kg without breaking!


Is my order on the way? Has my order shipped?

After placing your order you will receive and order confirmation e- mail from slimlens. Our orders are normally shipped within one business day. As soon as your order ships, we will send you a shipment confirmation email with tracking information. If you don´t receive any emails from us, please check your spam or junk mail folder. If you still have problems to locate your order / shipment, please contact us


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do. We ship to every country in the world where Post Service arrives. We use the First Class services of the USPS (United States Post Service) to deliver all around the world.

What are the shipping options and charges?

We currently ship via United States Postal Service first-class, so you can expect your order to arrive within 1-5 business days, although fewer than 3 days in most cases. We charge a flat-rate for standard shipping, but we offer social sharing options at checkout that can get you free shipping. We don’t yet offer expedited shipping options.


Do I need to create an account to order slimlens?

No, you don’t. but, you might consider creating an account if you' would like to login to easily check the status of an order, or if you wanted to save your personal information so that you don't have to enter it again for future orders, or if you want to be informed on special launchings, promotions and discounts.

I forgot my password?

We can help you. Please CLICK HERE and follow the password recovery procedure.


Does slimlens provides a warranty?

YES we do. Our WARRANTY is FOR LIFE. These means that if you have any kind of problems with a registered product (including defective material or workmanship) and a valid claim is received within the applicable warranty period slimlens will replace the Product with a product that is new or reasonably equivalent to the original Product. Shipping and handling charges of $6.99 (additional charges for international addresses) may apply except where prohibited by applicable law. We may at our option ask you to send the defective glasses back with a pre-paid envelope we will provide you with the replacement. Please click here to read our detailed warranties agreement.