guaranteed for life


slimlens is a high quality product, completely made in the USA (designed and manufactured in Santa Cruz, California). We’ve tested and perfected our molding and injection technologies all over for our emergency reading glasses, and we know you rely on them every day.

we want you to be completely satisfied with everything you order from us. that is why slimlens is guaranteed for life. in the unlikely event of an item becoming faulty, please follow the instructions below (on line claim and replacement order). we will replace it for free. no questions asked.

our dedicated Customer Service team will arrange for the item to be replaced.

to claim your warranty and replace your slimlens for free, please follow the instructions below.

important 1st step: to start your claim your slimlens must be registered.
you didn’t?. please register your slimlens now at

on line claim and replacement order:

  1. take a photo of your broken / damaged slimlens (*1)
  2. you can either complete the guarantee form on our web site:
    or, send the pictures by e-mail to our customer support & warranty department:
  3. slimlens, llc will contact you immediately and send you the instructions to replace you with a new slimlens.

(*1) if you prefer, you can mail us the broken/damaged slimlens by post (USPS, FEDEX, UPS, etc.) including them into an envelope with affixed postage addressed to:

slimlens, llc
350 West 31st Street. Suite 802
New York. NY 10001
United States of America

after receipt of your broken slimlens, our dedicated customer service crew will immediately contact you to arrange the shipment of the new slimlens. If you have any questions, please contact us