test for presbyopia

what is your visual acuity at close distances?
take a self-test for an initial assessment
Test your vision

print out this test

Test your vision

hold the page at a distance of 14 to 16” (35 to 40 cm) in front of your eyes. That corresponds approximately to the usual reading distance.

Test your vision

read the text below row by row without glasses, starting from the top. when you begin to face difficulties, note the number on the right of that text line. this number corresponds to your diopter.

slimlens, take them with you wherever you go. slim and compact reading glasses. credit card size


you may stick your slimlens to your smart phone,
tablet protective cases and/or any dashboard
(car, boat, plane, etc.)


Unisex: for both men and women.
adjustable: ex-grip technology reading glasses fit everyone.


For Life Warranty. slimlens are lifetime guaranteed from material and manufacturing defects


Perfect size
Easily fits in your pocket, purse, wallet or attach it to your phone!


Know more about slimlens – READING GLASSES

Are slimlens comfortable?

slimlens are very comfortable. They perfectly fit on the nose, putting only a gentle pressure on its sides, and as they are so light (just 0.12 ounces or 5 grs) you forget you are wearing them.

How Good are slimlens optics?

slimlens use the same technology used by opticians on their prescription glasses. The lenses are made using the highest stainless steel molds, allowing us to keep very high optical precision during manufacturing. slimlens are adjustable and Shatterproof, You can hit them with a sledge hammer and they will not break! And they come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

How Do I choose my strength (diopter value)?

The strength of slimlens reading glasses is expressed in diopter values. Need help determining which optical strength is right for you? Click here to print “Test your Vision” Template. slimlens reading glasses comes in four different optical strength options: +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00. You should choose the option that most closely matches your needs. However, since reading glasses are optimized for short-distance reading usage, you will automatically adjust the reading distance between your eyes and the object you are reading.